The Worth of Free Football Betting Tips

Even if you’ve been betting for quite some time, there are always ways to improve your betting form and win more consistently. Just as online betting has grown with the mainstreaming of the web and smartphones, so too have sites and information sources dedicated to assisting punters and bettors looking to gain an edge. But are these sites worth it for the free betting information they provide to both new and experienced bettors?

Digging into Free Betting Advice

If you’re into football betting tips, for example, there are a wealth of websites out there that are more than happy to provide free advice. You’ll find blogs dedicated to personal stories and even semi-professional sites dishing out advice of all types when it comes to improving your betting.
Most of these information sites make it very clear upfront that there are no magical formulas and get rich quick schemes when it comes to betting. Bookmakers and betting agencies always have the mathematical edge when it comes to gambling, so these sites always advise gamblers to be very careful not to bet more than they are willing to lose. But, there are some general tips that can improve betting performance and consistency. Here’s some free general advice in relation to European and Soccer football betting tips:

  • Make sure you read through and understand football statistics and team form. At its most basic, sports betting is about understanding the teams involved.
  • Ensure that you follow the football competition closely. If there’s more than one league, you need to follow them both to understand betting.
    Write down all of your bets and results over the course of a season. This information can be helpful in determining your consistency and where you might improve.
  • Bet where the value is. You need to estimate how likely it is that one team will win over another based on your understanding of team form (including home and away form, player injuries, and the team ins and outs), and then compare this chance with the value of the odds you are getting in the bet. Some odds are more favorable than others and represent better betting value.


In general, free online betting advice is worthwhile to read through for some tips on improving your consistency. There are no magical methods involved, but some patience and hard work could pay off in more wins and fewer losses over time. Fot More information visit