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Atlantic Models was established in 1996 as a small, one person, cottage industry, after venturing in to the design and development of photo etched details and accessories for model ships and aircraft. Initially concentrating on British
warships in 1/350 scale, the design range soon came to include complete kits of ships that were produced in resin and metal.

An association soon developed with White Ensign Models and soon, I (Peter Hall), was producing designs for kits and photo etched metal accessories for them, as well as producing a few items for general sale in the Atlantic Models product range.
Another part of the service offered is that models can be built for the customer, to the standard required, using details and accessories to enhance the model achieving an accuracy better than that found in some museums. This service is done by special arrangement only and each completed model comes with it’s own certificate of authenticity.

As time has gone on, the list of Atlantic Models products has grown mainly by special requests from customers, though it is now coming to pass that an extended range of ships kits covering Royal Navy subjects from 1950
onwards. These kits will be in 1/350 initially though as some requests have been made for kits in 1/600 scale, this may be possible in future depending on demand.

Each subject will be issued as a limited run in turn, as it is not possible to produce large quantities of all subjects. Therefore pre orders will be taken by e.mail and only charged for when the kit is available for mailing to the customer.
Other products such as photo etched metal accessories for detailing kits.

Other products such as photo etched metal accessories for detailing kits of ships and aircraft will be kept in stock and mailed directly as ordered.


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